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Looking to take your career up a notch?  We all come to a point in our lives wherein we are ready for the next challenge and want to aim higher.  And so we prepare ourselves for that next big interview or that executive position that we’ve always dreamed of!      

You are set for success, as you have the right experience, you have worked hard and can deliver results. However, what you wear on that big day, can make a big difference and shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Research suggests that the first impressions are formed within a few minutes of the meeting. 

“Perception is reality,” so ace that first impression during the interview. Make them believe that you are an asset and not a liability with these simple fashion tips!


1. One Bag Philosophy  

Carrying more than one bag can make you appear cluttered and disorganized.  Simply select one bag that can hold all of your personal items and make sure that it is neither too plain nor too flashy.  Your bag should be a splash of fun with oodles of professionalism.

2. Neutrals over Brights 

Your goal is to get them to remember you with your personality and not just your attire.  The color of your outfits can send a subconscious message about your personality.  During interviews, it’s best to keep it safe and avoid any unwanted impressions.  Neutrals are your best friend when it comes to playing it classy.

3. Jewellery for Personality

This is your opportunity to add a touch of your own personality without going overboard.  Add a bit of flair and a pop of color to your neutrals with the right set of jewellery.  Avoid oversized and flashy pieces which can be distracting.  You want to look serious, professional and yet not boring. So opt for simple yet stunning pieces for your outfit.

Top off your interview look with your winning attitude and your confidence!  The right appearance helps set the stage for your enthusiastic and determined personality. Smile, breathe and try and have some fun. Good luck!

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