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Understanding the behavior of the people around us – our coworkers, boss, partner, friends and even parents, will definitely give us an edge in knowing how to communicate with people who matter. It’s important to build strong relationships with your peers and co-workers to attain success. And a simple way of understanding them can be done by using the tool called, “DISC”, a universal theory that helps recognize the natural human behavior of a person. 
Representing four behavioral types: Dominance, Influencer, Steady/Stable and Conscientious, this tool enables us to gain an insight into different personality types, which can be leveraged in the way we interact with those around us.

Dress the part and communicate in style!



Confident, decisive and likes to take initiative? These are usually the ones in authority in their companies. They love a good challenge and are very responsible with their tasks. In dressing the part, think clean and crisp with no fluff or glitters of any kind. It’s always straight to the point when it comes to people with the dominance traits.



As someone who’s very social and loves to interact with different kinds of people, you love being the center of attention! You’re pleased with all the attention that you get and are known for being a trend-setter. You’re also very easy to get along with and have a trademark for being the life of a party! Statement jewellery is your ultimate wardrobe necessity.


Steady/ Stable

You value trust and treasure important relationship in your life; loyalty is very important to you. You aim to please other people and want to be appreciated. The same goes for your jewellery as well, as dainty-classics are your favorites for they can last a lifetime without going out of trend.



Always organized and meticulous planners, conscientious people communicate through logic and subtly command respect in the workplace. They’re formal and conservative and tend to have a serious outlook on life. They see structure in everything and are very analytical with details. They would tend to pick jewellery with simple/classic designs, high-quality and at affordable prices.



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