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Traditionally, cuff-links have been considered a man’s accessory, as part of their business suits or tuxedos. But guess what, long gone are those times where these things can only be worn by men. Scratch out that fleeting myth as the ladies can do cuff links too! Not only can these versatile accessories be worn at the workplace, but also to your night-outs as well! They can take your outfit from formal to trendy in style, assuring you that classy and clever can go hand in hand.


We have put together a few tips on how to cuff links, the smart way!


Traditional Business Look

Put on a white, smart casual tailored suit with a fold over cuff and slip on those cuff links for a classy, statement look. Remember that it’s best to lean more on neutral-colored suits if you’re aiming for that straight-on professional get-up, with a little bit of sass on the side.


Glamorous Touch

Do you have a strict office environment where accessories are considered as taboos? Fret not for cuff links will swiftly save your day! Don a flirty blouse that is specifically made to be worn with cuff links and you’ll be amazed at how business and fashion can come together as one.


Dare to go Bold

Don’t forget that cuff links are smart accessories too! Nowadays, there are more variants of styles for you to choose from and can wear at any occasion you like. And with that being said, take your pick from cuff links with gems, colored stones, beads and more! You bet that the sky is the limit on this one.

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