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I have always been fond of jewellery and it’s been my go-to accessory for as long as I can remember.  Accessories play a big role in my everyday wardrobe so I always make sure to choose the right pieces to polish my look.  More than just the aesthetics, quality matters so I prioritize jewellery crafted in high-grade metals like gold and silver and precious/semi-precious gemstones.  To get the most value, I prefer global and versatile designs that would complement the modern-day dressing and lifestyle.

As a jewellery designer, I am often asked in interviews what my favourite piece of jewellery is.  I have to admit that it’s a tough question to answer because choosing my favourite piece of jewellery is like choosing my favourite child as I love all of my designs.  

Each and every piece of jewellery that I’ve handcrafted and designed are all significant and precious to me.  However what remains my all-time favourite is the Black and White Diamond Necklace in 18k Gold (34") and this piece inspired me to start Taula. After designing this piece and receiving constant appreciation for it, I realized that there is an unaddressed market for innovative jewellery that could traverse the distance between modern and traditional and be very versatile.

For Taula, I added black diamonds along the white ones to make it even more contemporary and striking.  Using yellow and white gold along with white and black diamonds, the real draw of this necklace is the number of ways it can be worn. 

I can wear it in 4 ways – long (as itself with a bold pendant), wrapped, twice or thrice and finally with a knot.  It goes with anything whether it be a jeans and simple casual top or a pleated skirt, formal blouse and blazer for a more professional look.  At 34”, there is definitely a lot of room for experimentation with just one piece.  

You can wear it for a lunch date with your friends, at a business meeting and even in formal and cocktail events!  It’s always a conversation starter and I have received several compliments on this necklace.  

What started as a hobby finally pushed me into turning my passion into my profession. I'd be posting more of my favourite Taula pieces so stay tuned in!

If you'd like to take a closer look of this exceptional necklace, view photos here. You may also wish to subscribe to our newsletter to get invites to our private events and exclusive launching of Taula's new collections. Looking forward to meeting you all!


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