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As they say, gems are beautiful and unique stones known to be imbued with significant meanings and special powers. They come in multiples forms and colours and are even associated with some myths and legends throughout the history.  Ever since ancient times, these gems have been believed to have their own energetic connection to nature. People those days won’t just wear these for the sake of fashion, but also for the special powers that they’ve come to represent. True or false, one thing’s for sure: they all share that sense of allure!

Ravishing Ruby

With its rich and bold colour, this enchanting stone is believed to represent love, courage and overflowing passion. Since ancient times, this stone has been considered the king of all gems. Simply owning and wearing one can assure good fortune to its owner.

Glamorous Garnet

This gem has long been associated with strength and nobility. It is said to be very good for career success. Legend has it that this gem lights up and protect owners from nightmares.

Alluring Amethyst

This stone in pinkish-purple quartz brings calmness and serenity to its holder. It clears up any emotional confusion and helps in making wise decisions. Ancient Greeks believed it could even prevent drunkenness!


Timeless Turquoise

One of the oldest known gemstones, this tantalizing stone has been known to ward off negative spirits and has general healing properties. It promotes wealth, ecourages epiphanies and brings peace to the minds of its owners.


Exquisite Emerald

The deep and vivid green colour of this stone represents Spring and symbolizes the beauty of rebirth. Cleopatra was famous for wearing Emeralds during her time for they also symbolize eternal youth and aids in fertility.


Classic Citrine

With its name meaning “lemon” in French, this gem fits well for its yellowish brown colour. Since this is one of the most affordable of all gemstones, it is readily available in many shapes and sizes, making it an excellent choice to be used as a statement piece. Feng Shui philosophy says it creates wealth and abundance.


Stunning Sapphire

The intense violet-blue colour of this gemstone inspired its name, for Sapphire in Greek means “blue”. Before Diamonds became the first choice for engagement rings, Sapphire was the popular choice for it symbolizes loyalty, trust and the purity of heart.



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