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Nothing completes a winning outfit like jewellery! However, some make the mistake of over-accessorizing, or wearing jewellery not suited for work or that time of the day.  While fashion trends change from time to time, a savvy woman knows how to play up her wardrobe and put on an outfit that allows her to work smart, in style & at any time of the year. 

Jewellery acts as a spotlight to your outfit, and so for better or for worse, it will attract attention.  The key is to master the techniques in wearing these accessories, by avoiding the fashion DON'Ts.


1. Put a Ring On It  

Cocktail rings are pretty and have been trendy for many seasons now but there’s always the right time for everything.  Sure, they are attention-grabbers, however they can be distracting to clients and colleagues alike.  Get them focused on what you are saying, not on your cocktail rings.  Instead, let your hands show confidence with delicately studded rings that go with any work attire.


2. Free From Frills 

Statement necklaces can be tempting to wear because it gives an instant bedazzle to any outfit and definitely gets heads turning.  There are many styles to choose from: bib necklaces, collar necklaces, fringe necklaces and many more.  However, these are not work-appropriate as they scream casual.  Save the bold and eye-catching necklaces for later.  When at work, aim for a professional look with a sleek and classy necklace that accentuates, not exaggerates.


3. Drop The Dazzle

Earrings provide a big impact to your look so it’s best to get them right.  Chandelier and long dangling earrings are best worn for night-outs.  While they look stunning, they are too fancy for work.  Instead, choose dainty earrings that put focus on your best features.


These three tips are just a few that you should keep in mind when dressing up for work.  Whether your work dressing is casual or formal, you need to look professional at all times.  


Save the big, bold and bright pieces for later and go for the sophisticated, Classic pieces for that stunning and timeless look.  For a more fashion forward selection, check-out our latest collection, Achieve.


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