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A modern woman values her time and style when it comes to her everyday routine.  She believes that success begins in starting her mornings on time.  And while this often leads to rushing for work, that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice on your style!


When rushing for a meeting on a busy weekday, right accessories are your best bet in looking gorgeous pronto.  Although your dress says a lot about you, it’s your accessories that accentuate your style.  Taula tip - pick 2 jewellery pieces – a statement piece paired up with a subtle one for that instant polished look! 


Pair 1:  Statement Cuff + Hoop or Dangling Earrings

Statement Cuffs can make an outfit stand-out in just a matter of seconds.  These arm candies are a great way to top off your look without looking like a bore.  With our wide range of cuffs, you’ll have no problem picking the right one for your outfit.  Pair it with hoops or dangling earrings to bring the look together.  Earrings are the perfect accessory to add that bit of glam to your look!

Pair 2:  Pendant Necklace + Gold Studs 

A splash of color from a pendant necklace gives a refreshing and fun take to your dress!  Just make sure that the colors of your pendant and outfit complement each other. Add on classy gold studs to complete the look.  

Pair 3: Long Drop Necklaces + Petite Rings

Long drop necklaces are an absolute must have for your work-collection.  They are the perfect accessory when opting for a fun and stylish look for work.  These things add just the right splash of color and flair to an outfit without going overboard. Pair it with an exquisite ring with small gems for the final touch.


Looking good doesn’t always have to be so time-consuming.  Pairing the right jewellery pieces together can save you time and get you ready for success!   


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