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Look Your Best In Any Desk to Dinner Situation

It's safe to say that fashion is an evolving thing—women don't dress the same today as we did in the 1890's.

Here's a handy guide to help make sense of these new sartorial standards.
The Occasion: A Wedding

Old etiquette: Don’t wear white or black or red.

New etiquette: Black and red are perfectly fine, but white is still the ultimate wedding no-no. Pair & DON’T over-accessorize. For extreme-chic looks, love the “less is more”.


The Occasion: A Cocktail Party

Old etiquette: No surprise here―a cocktail dress.

New etiquette: A fitted cashmere or fine-gauge merino-wool top with a knee-length satin skirt, heels, earrings, and an armful of stacked bangles is just right.

Cocktail Party

The Occasion: A Business Dinner or a Company Party

Old etiquette: Your nine-to-five wear puts in some overtime.

New etiquette: Keep things professional (you’re still working) but in line with the event.

Business Party

The Occasion: A Job Interview

Old etiquette: A conservative dark suit with no accessories.  End of story.

New etiquette: Try a sheath dress with a wide belt and a cardigan, or a pencil skirt with a blouse and a cropped jacket with sober accessories.

Job Interview

The Occasion: A Dinner Party

Old etiquette: A little black dress and heels.

New etiquette: Gauge your outfit by the party. "Stash dangly earrings or a pretty scarf in your bag to dress up an outfit if need be.

Dinner Party


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