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The inevitable fact cannot be changed that women especially those in power positions are often judged more by their appearances than actions.  If someone is to come to work prim and cautiously dressed then there is speculation that she gives her physical appearance too much time, and has little time left over for serious work; if someone dons a plain Jane look to work, then she doesn’t care enough.  There is no escape for us women but the key is to know where to draw the line and to control everyone’s perception of you.  Dismiss their criticisms and dress for yourself.


Jewellery is the perfect way to amplify your outfit; not only does it instantly set the tone of your look, but it also adds character and your own unique signature.


Here are the 3 statement pieces that are sure to help you in your climb to success:


1. Add Colourful Pendants 

Pendant necklaces give an instant burst of color that complement most work-outfits.  The Pink Grand Geode Pendants in Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Plating will surely brighten up your look without being too flashy.  The pink of the geode, paired with the gold of the necklace provides the right balance between minimalism and chic.  This pendant is sure to get you noticed!

  1. Go Big On Bangles 

Stack ‘em up or go for one bold cuff; either way you’re bound to make a statement. Just make sure that when stacking your bangles for work, there is no clanking - you want your jewellery to be seen and not heard! Diamonds are always in fashion, so check out our White and Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle.

  1. Adorn Your Ears

Earrings are crucial for they can highlight your best features.  If earrings are your central accessory for the day, go for beautifully-crafted pieces with gemstones such as the Amethyst and Garnet Weave Earrings for they are edgy yet very feminine.

Jewellery is simply a means to accessorize, and worn right, they can help you make a lasting impression. Don’t forget to wear your confidence and your big smile for the final finish!


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