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In business meetings, while content is king, it’s equally important to look sharp. As we all know, first impressions do last, so suit up and dress your best to seal the deal with a client. Your content, experience and professional appearance together make the winning difference.


Presentations are most effective when you look and feel good. Accentuate your look and add a dash of attitude to your outfits when presenting at a meeting with these quick tips:


1. Statement Brooch  

The brooch is back with a bang!  It is definitely back in the trend and is an ultimate style statement for all working women.  Nothing says professional like a statement brooch. Make sure to pick one that is reflective of the occasion and your persona.  Wear it over your blazer for that instant “business mode: on” appearance.


2. Stylish Earrings

The right earrings can easily spruce up any outfit with its subtle flair and style. We say, save the danglers and chandeliers for the after-hours and go with the simple-sophisticated instead. Choose the ones that highlight your face’s best features. Refer to this infographic on what suits your face structure best!


3. Rings - Keep it simple

Our hands do a lot of our communication for us. Best to go with well-crafted rings that are neither too loud nor fancy. For the most professional look – match the metal tone of your ring with that of your watch (exceptions can include wedding & engagement rings).


Jewellery we wear gives people an insight into who we are, our preferences and sometimes even our perceived status in the society. We wrote about Jewellery Pairs That Work with office outfits because at work, our experience and skills are the most important, however, managing our perceptions and looking the part goes a long way in being effective.


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