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Hello Taula ladies!

I am very excited and pleased to share thelaunch of our new 2016 Taula collection called, “Embrace”, on the10th of January at The Central @ Clarke Quay.It was a glamorous and fun-filled event with over 60 attendees, as everyone enjoyed free-flowing wine, gourmet chocolates and a complimentary Tarot Card reading for all our customers!

It was a wonderful opportunity for me as well, as i got to meet beautiful women talk about their philosophies in life, the career choices they make, and our shared love for exquisite jewellery!

Our new ollection Embrace, is timely with the Chinese New Year, as it is about embracing yourself and the radiant changes and opportunities to come for the upcoming year.  A Taula woman knows that as we aspire for success, change is a constantand overcoming challenges imminent!


A sneak peek on the Embrace collection!

Amethyst Long Necklace

The amethyst gems in this beautiful piece provides calmness, patience, and peace to its wearer – a great way to start the new year! It is best worn and layered over a white or pastel-coloured blouse, for an alluring aura.

Citrine Prehnite Smoky Quartz Long Necklace


Citrine represents success, prehinite for unconditional love and spiritual growth, and the smoky quartz negates bad energy, and gives a mysterious touch to your look. Set with three kinds of gemstones, this lovely necklace can be used in various occasions, and can easily go from day to night. Welcome the new year in open arms with this soulful piece and a dash of confidence!


Garnet Onyx Long Necklace


Muster up your confidence this coming Chinese New Year with this ravishing necklace as they say that Onyx provides structure and strengthens self-esteem, and the Garnet stone is protection from evil temptations. Slip this on over a neutral-coloured blouse/dress to emphasize the beauty that the gemstones exude!


Italian Chain Labrodorite Prehinite Moonstone Necklace



Look classy and gorgeous in this necklace with your hair up and a pair of perky stud earrings. Adorned with three kinds of gemstones, this glamorous necklace knows no boundaries when it comes to its benefits; not only does it have a power stone that encourages you to strive for your dreams and goals, but it also has the power of passion and good fortune! Need we say more?


Italian Onyx Chalcedony Long Necklace


Aim for a healthy and lively lifestyle this Chinese New Year with this dynamic piece! This stunning necklace has Chalcedony stones that are known to be powerful cleansers and energizers – perfect for conquering your fears when preparing for a big meeting with a client. In addition to that, it’s a go-to accessory when you want to look stylish in a business suit!


Pearl Lemon Quartz Ring

Wear this on your ring finger as a stylish reminder that you are pure and precious – just like the quaint pearl in this ring. The Lemon Quartz in this ring also signifies creativity and positive-thinking – just what you need to get you covered for the upcoming year to come!


Rose Quartz Prehnite Labro Long Necklace


This is the absolute jewellery to wear this year as we all know, that Rose Quartz is one of the two colors of 2016! For everyone’s knowledge, this charming gemstone is the symbol of love and deep healing. Aside from that, it’s a dainty piece to add to your wardrobe because of its simplicity and rare beauty.


Watch our for more updates on our Facebook page and blogsite to know more about our new line of jewellery, “Embrace”. May you all have a fruitful New Year ahead of you!


How to buy our collections:


1. Online:

2. In person: Our store is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore City, connected via Clarke Quay MRT Station, several bus lines and near Havelock Road exit on CTE. The address is:


#02-49, The Central @ Clarke Quay, Yellow Zone,

6 Eu Tong Sen Street, Singapore 059817

Phone: +65 8480 2849



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