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The Taula Woman is someone who isn’t afraid to establish her place in the work environment. She knows what she’s good at and she knows what she wants. As such, she goes after the opportunities instead of waiting for it on a silver platter. She defies societal norms, believing that “passion is a gender-neutralizing force”.

Our Taula Chic of the Month features one of the most prominent figures in the tech industry, primarily known for her significant contributions to Google before becoming the present CEO of Yahoo. But to women all over the world, she represents someone who has successfully broken female conventions in a male dominated work environment.

Don’t let the blue eyes and blonde locks fool you. At 39 years old, Marissa Mayer has already amassed impressive personal wealth that amounts to no less than $500 million. She has built a reputation as a formidable leader who is assertive and uncompromising.

In addition, she has carried out a healthy pregnancy through her transition from Google to Yahoo. Amidst all this, she has expressed and maintained an interest in fashion, with Vogue (2009) touting her as obsessed with renowned designer, Oscar de la Renta.

As modern women, we have all dreamed of having the same personal and professional achievements. The question is: how? Here are four tips that we learned from Marissa Mayer’s journey:

1. Dare to Take a Risk

Upon finishing her graduate program at Stanford University, Marissa was presented with numerous job offers. Instead of pursuing a coveted secure job as a consultant or a professor, she took a chance with a startup company that had not made any profits yet. She liked the people at Google, who were smart and intimidating at the same time. Instead of the risk, Marissa saw an opportunity. So she jumped on board and helped Google become the institution that it is today.

2. Add Value No Matter What

Marissa struggled with her first big project at Google. It took her months to make any progress, prompting the company to bring in somebody else to do the job. Instead of letting her spirit be dampened by this seeming failure, she decided to find other ways of making her mark. She identified and solved problems, banking on her strengths. Marissa eventually became the top authority for product quality at Google, with a big team reporting to her on a daily basis.

3. Persist Even When It’s Unpopular

When climbing the corporate ladder, conflicting with others is to be expected. At times, Marissa would find herself solving company issues that her colleagues were tasked to handle. This made her a very unpopular figure in the office, to say the least. Still, she persisted and proved herself right at every turn. In the end, management simply focused on her effectiveness and always gave her due credit.

4. Strive For Balance

Marissa is known to be an extremely hard working person, rendering as much as 130 hours per week in the office. That is not to say she compromises her health, as she still gets about four to six hours of sleep at night. She also takes weeklong breaks every four months to recharge her batteries. Controversy arose when she decided to skip her maternity leave upon taking over Yahoo. But Marissa insisted that she prefers “to stay in the rhythm of things.” Two months after giving birth, she publicly said that motherhood is not as difficult as everyone made it out to be.

We would love to hear from you! Which ones among these tips most resonate with you? Share tips from your own professional journey!

There are millions of ambitious and creative women out there who could use that extra push! Let us create an inspiring and supportive community by sharing as much as you can in the comments below!

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