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Power dressing is more than just about looking fabulous and polished; it is about knowing how to create that first impression of power through what you wear and how you wear them

Women leaders & renowned personalities across the globe understand and use this secret ingredient to their advantage.  They have realized the impact of power dressing on an individual’s personality and reputation.  Take Hillary Clinton for example, and her signature power suit that instantly commands respect and professionalism.

Exude confidence and professionalism by choosing what you wear carefully.  Dress for success with these 3 easy tips:


 1.     Invest in Strong Black Pieces

Black is a powerful color, and yet far from boring.  It is neither too dull nor fancy, and yet, it’s flexible and impactful. Invest in black pieces not just for your work outfits but for other important occasions as well. A black blazer goes a long way in helping get that professional look; slip on a gorgeous black dress and you can easily take your look from day to night. Plus, black is slimming! 

2.     Walk Tall and Proud in Heels

High heels provide an instant elevation and confidence boost.  They help elongate your silhouette which makes you look more graceful and professional.  However, make sure that your heels aren’t over 2 inches, as we don’t want to overdo or trivialize our look. Save those flats for later, and grab your favorite pair of heels that allow you to walk tall and confident.

3.     Power Accessories for the Final Touch

Jewellery you choose is a great way to express yourself! Choose pieces that complement your outfit and provide the final polish. Team up a statement brooch with classy studs or go for a bold cuff paired with a pendant necklace.  It’s vital that we know how to accessorize appropriately at work without overdoing it.

What you wear reflects the image that you want to project in your work environment so it’s best to dress appropriately, but don’t forget to add a little bit of your personality to your work outfits.  The way you dress can influence the way people perceive you!


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