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Onyx Green & Citrine Necklace in 925 Silver and Black Rhodium Plating

This exquisite and high quality necklace is a great accessory for every day wear and will add a splash of color and glam to every ensemble. The total chain length is 18".

Gemstones: Onyx Green (length: 18mm) AND Citrine (size: 3mm)

Precious Metal: 925 Silver with Black Rhodium Plating

Chain length: 18 inches

Zodiac affinity:

Citrine: Birthstone for November, Citrine is considered a success stone of abundance and manifestation, attracting wealth and prosperity. It enhances creativity and dissipates negative energy!

Onyx: Onyx grounds you and helps you maintain determination as you move towards your goals. This gemstone is associated with your root chakra, which represents self-control.

Disclaimer Note: Healing or spiritual properties of gemstones listed here are not a substitute for professional medical care.