May I see the merchandise (jewellery) before I buy it?

Taula Boutique is conveniently located on Orchard Road, Singapore (Lucky Plaza #B1-68). For our international customers, we don't have a retail presence outside of Singapore. With that said, we strive to maintain an accurate representation of all the featured pieces on this website through pictures and product specifications. If you have any questions about a specific piece, please contact our sales line or reach out to us at our enquiry form. We want to hear from you & ensure a rapid turnaround time accordingly. i.e. your question will not disappear into a black hole! 


How long does it usually take for an item to be shipped to my location?

We will strive for either same day or next day shipping when possible. In addition we will keep you informed throughout the shipping process, so you are fully informed. We all know how annoying it is to place and order and just wait without any updates. 


Will I be subjected to any foreign exchange cost?

As long as you pay in the currency of your choice, from our list of currencies accepted, there will be no additional foreign currency charge. However, since each country’s credit card policies may differ, please refer to your bank’s policies.


What if I have additional questions before buying an item?

Contact us! Please! Seriously! - Call us, message us on Facebook, Instant message us on this website, drop by our store... anything. Short of sending a message by carrier piegeon (we tried, but no service lah!), we would love to hear from you in any way possible to answer your question.

General Questions: Please fill up our enquiry form.

You may also call our hotline: +65 8480 2849
(Please note: for our customers outside of Singapore international calling rates may apply)