The idea for Taula came about our founders search for high quality jewellery, which would complement her busy personal and professional lifestyle. She struggled to find pieces that were contemporary and fashionable, while also being accessible, as most offerings largely focused on the high-end jewellery segment or wedding/engagement markets. She set out to change that.Tasteful, jewelry are encouraged to compliment working women professional dressing look, Here come “Taula”,

Her foray into jewllery began with designing her own pieces and having them forged in gold and colourful gemstones. Very soon she received interest from friends and family to craft similar designs. It wasn’t long before she found her true passion. Taula is her effort to make such jewellery accessible to modern women everywhere. Our collections complement the various roles that women play in their professional and personal journey and act as a reflection of their achievements along the way.

The name Taula, is derived from the Sanskrit word "tola", a Vedic measure that refers to 10 grams of pure gold. On the Spanish island of Menorca, the Taula stone megaliths represent what's believed to be an ancient temple of healing and a place for divine worship. To us, the name Taula reflects purity, empowerment and timelessness, characteristics we look to instill in every one of our pieces. Our luxury jewellery is designed to be perennial, reflecting every woman's dedication towards a lifelong journey of self-expression. We provide working women an opportunity to flaunt her corporate dress with Our work wear jewellery.

Celebrate your own journey, with jewellery that is as unique as you!