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Italian Long Necklace in 925 Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Plating

We love the elegant textured feel and colors of Taula's Italian Long Necklace. This chic style is accented with beautiful gemstones and a two-tone plating. Wear it for the sparkle, the high workmanship and the extravagant finished. Wear it long for chic and layered for a dramatic look

Material: 925 Silver

Plating: 18K Yellow Gold

Gemstones: Aqua Chalcedony, Rose Quartz, Moonstone Peach, Lemon Quartz, Onyx Green, Chalcedony Blue, sourced from Tanzania, India, Madagascar & Brazil

Length: 36"

Zodiac affinity:

Rose Quartz: We call it the love stone! It's known to open the heart chakra to all kinds of love. It also promotes self-esteem and strengthens relationships.

Moonstone: typically, milky white, peach or black, all colors share the same energetic qualities. Moonstones assist in wish fulfilment and aiding spiritual journeys. 

Chalcedony: historically a birthstone for May, it's known for its nurturing qualities of soothing and restoring balance.

Onyx Green: Onyx grounds you and helps you maintain determination as you move towards your goals. This gemstone is associated with your root chakra, which represents self-control.

Lemon Quartz: these gemstones are known for amplifying your physical, emotional and spiritual energies. 

Disclaimer Note: Healing or spiritual properties of gemstones listed here are not a substitute for professional medical care.